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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A sign you're no longer in the suburbs

Just as there are certain sentences that are impossible to come out of your mouth until you've had children ("Get your foot off the banana in the school bus"), there are some things that you don't see or hear until you've left Suburbia.  Such as:

The postmaster tells you, "Huh.  This box of chickens sounds different than the others."

Chicken shipping box
Yes, chickens can arrive by mail

Caryl here- Just to clarify for all you non-chicken types.  MOST people, when they order chickens through the US Mail (yes, critters ship through the US Mail) they order day old, cute, fluffy, tiny chicks.  Chicks that chirp and peep like a sunny Easter morning.  However, I am not a huge fan of the baby stage.  Sure, if one of my hens decides to go broody and raise her own batch of fluffy butts, she can go for it. But I prefer the pre-teen age range of pullets.

They're cutely awkward, have personalities, are more cold tolerant, and passed the major cootie catching phase.  The bit that makes them raise their eyebrows at the post office is the larger than normal boxes for the birds, and the noise.  Oh, the noise.  10 week old Pullets no longer make the cute peeping, chirping noise. They also do not yet make the barnyard 'boo, bok, bok, bok" that you remember on school field trips to the local farm or petting zoo.  Like all teens, they are in the midst of a change.  So what does a teenage chicken sound like?  I liken it to a battle scene from a space movie, laser blasters shooting down long hallways as heroes and villains duck in and around doorways.  "Pew,pew,pew!" You have to admit, THAT IS an odd noise coming from a box!

 ( I get my flock from ChickenScratchPoultry)

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