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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The end of December and STILL deep in Project-land.

I can't help it.  I love projects. Well, I love starting projects and finishing projects.  Somewhere in the middle of a project I have that "why the heck did I start THIS for?" moment.  But I guess we ALL have those.

Luckily we decided to forgo dealing with Christmas celebrations this year.  We are so far out in the great nowhere that decorating with holiday lights is not only a waste of time, but a waste of $$ to burn electricity.  We put so much money into projects in and for the house this year, that we just decided to take a pass this year.    We purchased a large 10 foot sugar maple and had it planted and called it a family gift to ourselves.  Merry Christmas to us!

Remember the post about never finishing the chicken coop?  Well it overheard us.  The corrugated roof leaks in the run.  It leaked FAR too much.  In the summer it wouldn't be an issue as the sides would be open and the summer heat would dry the run.  In the dead of frozen winter, there would be nothing to drip.  But the in between seasons, and in particular THIS WET, WARM December, water water, everywhere!  We've had insane amounts of wind driven rain, freezing rain, and snow.  It was just too much for the run, and the locked up girls to handle. 

We took off the old corrugated roof, and replaced it with a super heavy duty black tarp.  That is pulled drum tight over a deck board sub-roof.  At least that's what we thought.  The next morning brought 30 mph winds, which was just enough to flow through the run and up through the decking, lifting the drum tight tarp.  A simple fix of over the top braces fixed that, but there's nothing like playing in 15' wind chills.  So there, we were done with THAT project. 

Apparently, the large screen television heard THAT proclamation and decided it wanted attention.  Either that or after 8 years, and 5 moves, it simply decided that it had had enough Being the week past black Friday, there were still deals (minus the crowds) to be had.  As long as the TV was being replaced, the stand it was on, also 8 years old (and now held together with glue and "L" brackets) may as well be replaced.  And the sofa that started falling apart the day of delivery 2.5 years ago (don't get me started on THAT story) had to go.  Luckily, the local furniture store was having a major end of the year sale as well. 

Huh, as long as the room was now EMPTY, wouldn't this be THE best time EVER to take down the nasty window blinds, caulk the window and door casement, and PAINT the whole ROOM?!  WHY SURE!!!  The old room had pink sand walls, and wide, faux wood slat blinds.  The ceiling fan had horrible halogen bulbs, and was chrome and black lacquer blades.  I replaced that with an BRIGHT LED pod!  And with that... whoosh..... the project was off and running!
The whole house is Shaker style, with a bit of Prairie mixed in
with antiques and implements.  I've tried to keep it simple and
clean.  The kitchen is full of old kitchen tools. The Den is
full of farm tools.

The paint color is a Valspar paint, a dusty bright blue called Blue Vault.
Check out the Denise Whitehead print of the cow! I love her stuff. 
I have her roosters in the kitchen.

I found the antique shaker chair for
$5 at a yard sale and rewove the seat.
I love the1930s shoes.

So in 10 days, we bought the new TV, picked out new furniture, waited for delivery and purchased new décor, painted the room and decorated.  Phew.  Where did this project get old?  Oh, about the second dip of brush into paint can while cutting in the trim.  But I DID finish and it looks FABULOUS!  It was the last finished room in this house that hadn't been made mine! Now it belongs. 

I stripped patchwork printed fabric 2"wide and made a new, usable, seat for the shaker chair.  I made a shaker rack and hung it on the wall, where is belongs.  On top of the pie safe, which came across the Oregon trail and is signed 1882 on the back with family information, is my old 1885 7 day clock.  The columns of which have a new coat of navy blue paint.

I came across this 1915s Ohio star quilt in blue and red mattress
Ticking fabrics for $60! It only has two tiny seam pulls, which
I have already fixed.  I plan to use it as a throw.
So, not bad for a 10 day project!

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