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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dunrovin's Most Wanted

Last night after we put the chickens away but while we were still relaxing in front of Chicken TV, I thought I saw a cat on the other side of the garden.  As soon as it moved, though, I recognized it as a fox.  (At first I was looking at it tail-on, about 70 yards away, hence the initial mis-identification.)  The fox got away, but we're about 75% sure it's a swift fox.  So I moved the game camera, and he paid us a couple more visits last night after we went to bed.  So far, no visits tonight but the game camera is still out there.

UPDATE: It's a red fox. Turns out not all red foxes are the rusty red that you've come to expect from Disney films.  The tail markings, however, are definitive.  Caryl confirmed with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources that it's a red fox.

1 comment:

  1. Such lovely creatures, but so deadly to chickens :'(