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Friday, January 8, 2016



The Oodalolly Egghouse at DunRovin Station has won the Summer and Fall Coop Contest at BackYardChickens.com !

It was page design, instructions, documentation, and presentation contest.  The winning page can be seen here >>> Egghouse. Those of you out there that are starting a coop or have started a coop, start documenting it and write up and design your web page and enter the Winter and Spring contest!

It can be big and fancy, or small and practical !

Have fun doing it and share with others.  That's the whole point. :D

For those of you interested in chickens, it's an amazing, educational and supportive site all about poultry and other birds :D. Come join us!


  1. Congratulations Caryl, your coop is certainly a Hilton for hens!