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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle

I really enjoy knitting.  I'm not great at it, but I can follow a pattern.  I make a pretty mean hat, scarf, mittens, or pair of gauntlets.  Mother Nature, in her wisdom, has seen fit to make me allergic to wool.  (Except alpaca). Wool takes color so unbelievably beautifully.  Cotton takes dye well, but not to the intensity of wool.  So every wall of yarn skeins makes me drool.  I am always drawn directly to the wool, like a magnet.  (I also have the uncanny ability, or super power, to pick out the most expensive piece of jewelry in the case.)

I have to make extra sure NOT to touch the woolies.  I still roam the yarn shops.  No matter where we move, I find the shops.  25 years ago, shops were few and far between.  Shopping for yarn was relegated to the big box craft stores, and the selection was limited at best, and highly synthetic. 

Somewhere along the way, knitting made a huge resurgence. Interestingly enough, it was just after the internet started to really become commonplace, about 2000. (yes, it was around before then, I remember taking all night to download a photo in 94 at a whopping 1400 baud rate. About 2000 EVERYONE was online, blogs were in their infancy, but information abounded.). You could find patterns, photos, and supplies!  The international access to yarns, needles, and patterns as well as instructors quickly spread to the brick and mortar world.  Large cities have many shops, small towns usually have one, villages..... well, we have the internet.  LOL. 

In all of my travels, I've come across many a quilt or knit/spinning shop.  They have all had their charms.  But there was always something missing. Some little something that you just couldn't put your finger on.  Sometimes you could; bad selection, low selection, mean customers, poor location, stale stock, inattentive or rude/holier-than-thou employees/owners, incredible prices.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a little gem.  I first came across it in 2014 when attending an annual folk festival.  The sign was up, but the shop was empty and the door was locked.

LITTLE DID I KNOW I Didn't MISS the show, I was early!  When I returned to the charming town of Stromberg a few months later, I was  THRILLED to find the shop fully stocked and an owner operator that was not only knowledgeable, but who had the BIGGEST, FRIENDLIEST, MOST GENUINE smile you could ever imagine!  Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle is by far the MOST perfect little gem I have come across.  The shop itself is on the village square.  It's not large. It's not fancy. It's just right.  It is quaint and charming, and just the right size for the population it serves.

Kelsey, the owner/operator, is an incredible young woman.  She is highly attentive to the needs of her customers.  Knowing that I am allergic to wool, she makes sure I KNOW where it hides.  If I have a project that calls for wool, she is right there helping me find a suitable substitute.  No question is beneath her taking the time to extensively help someone learn to knit, learn a new stitch, or learn to weave or spin.  She genuinely LOVES her craft and thoroughly enjoys sharing it with others.

The shop is always well stocked with goodies from all over the world, and if she doesn't have it, she'll find it! From sock weight to chunky, to roving, to needles it is stop worth making if you are near by. She holds classes, and knit groups, and SPINNING parties!  Talk about a community coming together for learning, socialization, and support! This place is 2.5 hours round trip for me, and I don't blink an eye at making the drive!
Just look at that luciousWOOL!

Kelsey is also a seamstress!  She makes historic and folk costumes.  Multi-talented. I have a Norwegian folk costume to make for the May Festival and am waiting for my pattern.  I fully plan to bounce ideas off of her! Check out her beautiful website (below) for supplies and her costumes.

And as a bonus, she's into CHICKENS! LOL.  Which makes her nutty :D

I know most of my readers are not local, but if you are a knitter, check out her site.  She has shipping specials and answers emails very promptly! http://spindleshuttleandneedle.com/

(not affiliated at all with the business, just one of my favorite places)


  1. How wonderful! Kelsey is an amazing young woman and I have no doubt that her brick and mortar shop is delightful place to hang out. May I also recommend her incredibly beautiful dyed roving? It is to DYE for! David's Mom aka Susan Stark

  2. IT IS gorgeous! I just want to grab those giant hanks of wool, wrap them around my self and start singing like Julie Andrews on top of an Austrian mountain top! Alas.... wool. LOL.

  3. Kelsey goes above and beyond! She was able to locate the last double treadle, limited run Ashford Elizabeth 30" spinning wheel for me and had them ship it directly to me!

    When my husband was stuck with what to get me for Christmas, I put in a 'wish list' with Kelsey and handed my husband her phone number.

    One day I hope to be able to visit her and her shop.