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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It's wintertime in Nebraska, which means anything from 75' and sunny to -20' and a full on blizzard.

This week she decided to go somewhere in between and grant us an ice storm.  We were fully prepared.  The generator was tuned up and ready to run if we lost country power. (We didn't.)  The unused bathtubs were filled with water to be used for flushing toilets if the power to the well went out. (It didn't.)  We had plenty of food that either didn't need to be cooked at all, or that could be cooked on a gas stove top.  Anything that needed baked was baked the day before the storm hit.  The cooler was placed on the front porch for food that needed to be kept cool, but not frozen, just in case.
And we all had fully charged digital every-things, and projects to do to keep us busy.

The storm hit and all went smoothly.

We managed .76 inches of precipitation, but only .40 inches of that decided to become ice.  We were at 32 or colder the whole storm, but at 32' we ended up with a lot of super cooled rain, and not freezing rain.  It sure made for an amazing sunrise.

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