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Friday, June 12, 2015

That'll do gloves. That'll do.

Did you ever have a great thing and after you had it, wish you had bought more before they run out, discontinue it, or tweak the style just enough to ruin it?

You know, like that perfect pair of jeans- just the right amount of give during the day, without falling around your ankles by noon; a waistband that falls at the perfect spot; perfectly soft; not too dark, nor too faded.

Or the perfect running shoe.

Or maybe it's baby's favorite toy.  Our son had a colorful wrinkle, crinkle, and rattle caterpillar.  Once we found it was his favorite toy, we bought 8 more.  If anything happened to Mr. Wiggerz, then there was a back-up. And a back-up FOR the back-up.  Every parent knows that trick.

My latest "d'OH!" item is my pair of work gloves.  I purchased them 5 years ago.  Gloves are tricky for me. I have short, chubby, German work hands.  They are broad across the palm, and my fingers are short.  To find gloves that fit, heaven.  It's the fingers that are so tricky.  Usually there is at least an extra half inch flopping around, which makes holding small items nearly impossible.  When I found these gloves, I shouldn't have blinked at the price and turned around immediately and bought every pair they had. 

They are Barbara's Way Gloves, made by Isotoner.  They had stretchy backs, leather reinforced finger tips and palms, and a Velcro closure. They weren't hot.  They weren't claustrophobic.  They gripped. And most of all, every ONE of my fingers fit like, well... a glove.

Sadly, the coop build was their final doing in.  They've seen hurricane shutter building and painting in Florida.  They helped stand between me and nest of black widow babies in Alabama... shudder. Installed numerous weather antennas. Pulled more weeds, trimmed more rose bushes, raked more leaves, and hauled more logs than I care to admit.  The coop was the final blow.  Near the end of the build, the frayed edges around the finger holes would catch on the screws as they spun at a million miles an hour from the high torque driver, twisting my thumb and finger in a horrific manner around the spinning screw.  And yet, I kept wearing them. Maybe I could get one more day out of them.  I still wear them, even though I have a teal pair (another brand) that match the coop, with their floppy fingers. 

I have looked high and low.  My green gloves are no longer made.  I've searched and tried other pairs, from other brands, and while close, nothing is quite right... especially in the fingers, for the work that takes dexterity. 

Three months of hard work; the lumberyard, the cold, painting, screws, hammering, nails, hauling, lifting, twisting, climbing, crawling.  They have given their all to protect my little, squishy, pink hands.

That'll do gloves.  That'll do.


  1. You sure got your money's worth Caryl.

  2. I know what you are talking about. That is why I bought all the dollhouse furniture kits for $1 each....over 200 kits that are no longer made. Love your blog!