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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Build - part 4

Since I now had walls and no roof, winter decided to arrive.  After I would clear the driveway, I would walk down to the coop and shovel out the empty building. It was at this time that Merriweather decided to get in on the fun.

The roof would take more than just me working on it, so it would have to wait.  In the meantime, I was able to do all the smaller projects, like the windows, rafters, and the pop door.

Was there swearing? Yes.  Were there tears? Almost.  I was tired of living in heavy winter outdoor clothes, heavy work boots, being cold, being sore, plus keeping house and taking care of schooling, and everything else that had to be done. I was just plain TIRED.  But a partially done project to and OCD is more than a nagging project.  It's a mission.  So forward is the only direction.
One afternoon, as a study break, the boy helped me lift the large, upper windows into place, and held up the door while I attached the hinges.  The next day, Doc covered the roof plywood with the drip edge and the tar paper and helped me lift that into place and secure it down.  I felt the end of the project was just out of reach, even though I was no where close!

The roof was next, but Doc would have to help me with that one.  So I continued on with the little things that I could do on my own.  I worked on the trim I could reach with my small ladder ( I promised Doc no large ladders while he was away.) I covered all the windows with hardware cloth and trimmed them. I built a simple pop door, a LARGE pop door.  (Now Hyacinth doesn't have to squeeze herself out.)   I even built a porch and steps to the door.

The scale of this project was amazing.  Mostly because I was the entire work force for 98% of it.  The big stuff goes up quickly and seems like a lot, until the little projects - the finishing projects, eat you alive.  Killed by a shark, or pecked to death by chickens?  You decide. 
But onward and UPwards.

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